Juiced Bikes Compared - Scrambler vs Scorpion vs HyperScrambler vs HyperScorpion

November 15, 2020

Juiced Bikes are some of the fastest and most fun electric bike options, and the ebike that's best for you might not be best for your friend or partner. Let's break down the differences between the most popular Juiced Bikes, the Scrambler, Scorpion, HyperScrambler, and HyperScorpion.

What is the difference between the Scorpion or Scrambler?

Both bikes have similar 52 V batteries, wheels, and upgrade options. The Scorpion is better for carrying cargo like groceries, with a built in rear rack. The Scrambler is best for carrying a second passenger.

If you are optimizing for speed, the HyperScrambler 2 is probably the fastest option out of the box. The Scrambler also offers an upgrade kit.

What does "hyper" mean?

The hyper prefix indicates the bike has a longer range and faster max speed. For example, the Scorpion goes up to 28 MPH, has a range of 25 MPH, and has a 13 Ah battery. The HyperScorpion has a max speed of over 30 MPH, and double the range at 70 miles, thanks to its larger, 19 Ah battery.

Ah stands for amp-hours, and is a measure of capacity of the battery.

In most ebikes, the most expensive part is usually the battery, which is why there is a significant price difference.

The Scorpion is $1,499, whereas the HyperScrambler is $2,199 - a $700 difference.

Should I get Scorpion of HyperScorpion?

Most people aren't going more than 35 miles in a given day, and should opt for the Scorpion. If you are planning on making long trips, riding for hours without an opportunity to charge, then get the HyperScoprion.

Should I get Scrambler of HyperScrambler?

Both the Scrambler and HyperScrambler battery capacity can be upgraded, but the HyperScrambler 2 has a faster speed and range out of the box, boasting an insane 100 mile range.

Can I ride these in bike lanes?

In our opinion, the Scrambler blends in a bit more with bikes, while the Scorpion looks like a moped with raised handlebars, which may be more likely to draw looks. Riding in the bike lane is legal in most jurisdictions, but perhaps not at the max speed.

What's the overall best option?

We think the Scrambler is the best bet if you want to let a partner or friend ride along. Plus, It's usually on sale in the $1600-$1800 range depending on the season.

Scott Fitsmones

Scott is based in San Francisco and has a passion for micromobility, biking, and transit.

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