Fastest Electric Bikes in 2021 - Need for Speed? Look No Further

November 15, 2020

Looking for a fast ebike? We have recs.

Want a fast way to get around town? There’s no need to suffer in traffic jams when you could hop on your bike and zoom right past! Using e-bike technology that’s way out of this world, the future is looking peppy and fun! Read more here.

🥇 First place: Hi Power Cycles Black Lightning - 40 MPH

The new Hi Power Cycles Black Lightning bike is fast, lightweight, sleek, and...expensive. Clocking in at 40 MPH and $3,300, the bike has moped speeds packed into a sleek battery. With no support for a second rider or cargo, it's aimed for speed and city riding. While it's certainly a commuter city bike, the upgraded plus size tires means it can handle some trails. If you're looking for off roading or electric mountain biking, you should probably check out the #2 recommendation, the Juiced Scrambler, which has fat tires ideal for outdoor, off road riding.

With this kind of speed and a throttle, this bike feels more like a moped or motorcycle. In my opinion, the top speed was frightening at times considering how thin the tires are. I found myself gripping tightly especially on roads that aren't perfectly maintained. The bike has a powerful 2000 watt motor, with an upgrade available for higher torque. There are also several upgrade options, from bigger batteries to high rise handlebars. Fully upgraded, this bike can set you back $7,000, which is a handsome sum The build quality warrants the price, with lightweight yet sturdy frame, pedals, components, and fenders.

Perhaps the biggest drawback aside from the eye-popping price is lack of cargo and second passenger options.

🥈 Juiced Scrambler - 28 MPH out of the box, 35 MPH with controller upgrade (our recommendation)

The Juiced Scrambler packs a powerful motor for maximum torque and a zippy top speed. Not to mention, it's only $1,800 and it can easily fit another passenger on the back.

It comes in two options, the City Scrambler and the Camp Scrambler. The options are nearly identical, except for the Camp model is more of an electric road bike that includes knobby tires for extra grip and stability for riding it like a mountain bike or trail riding.

The Scrambler has a throttle which going up to 20 MPH, but can be put into higher speeds by pedaling. With pedal assist, it can go up to 28 MPH in Racetrack Mode. Juiced sells a separate controller which can bump the speed up to 35 MPH. With hydraulic disc brakes, braking is smooth and fast.

If you're looking to save battery, you can put the bike in eco mode and get some exercise while riding.

We love this bike because it's perfect for a daily commute, picking up a friend or partner, or putting it into turbo mode (aka racetrack mode) and adventure riding around the city, beach, park, or trails.

🥉 Third place: Super73 Model R - 28 MPH

Super73 bikes are classy, refined, and fast. At $2,795, it's the middle ground between the everyday Scrambler and the premium Black Lightning.

While the Juiced bike has an almost jolting kick, the Super73 is smooth and stable. It's definitely built with nicer materials, and feels like the Aston Martin of ebikes.

If you need cargo like groceries, the Super73 is the fastest bike with a good cargo rack. The rear rack is $100 and is available for all the Super73 models.

Make no mistake, the Super73 isn't a cargo bike, for that we'd recommend a Rad Wagon. But the Super73 is fine for light loads.

Scott Fitsmones

Scott is based in San Francisco and has a passion for micromobility, biking, and transit.

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